Self-Pay Fee Schedule:

Not offered to patients covered by insurance plans we are in-network with. We are required to file a claim when a patient presents health insurance we are in-network with, including high deductible plans.

A Self-Pay Patient is either uninsured or has an insurance plan that is not in-network.

Self-Pay Patients pay in full at the time of visit for our services and we are not required to file a claim or submit any documentation to a third party.

We provide a prompt-pay discount to self-pay patients when payment is made in full at the time of visit. We have negotiated discounted lab charges with an outside lab for the most common lab tests. We pass on these savings to you.

Price/info subject to change without notice. Below prices include the prompt-pay discount.


Where applicable, fees below are with / without Annual Discount Card.

Lawrence Medical Center Discount Card – $75

$50 if a credit card is put on file.

Receive up to 25% discount (excludes vaccinations) Age 18 and above. Valid for 12 months.

Professional Services

Plus Lab Test charges, if applicable

For Common Illness, Allergies, Minor Injuries, and Disease Management Visits

Nurse Only Visit (Lab Tests, Vaccination)
$19 / $25**

Simple Visit (up to 2 conditions*)
$112 / $150**

Intermediate Visit (3-4 conditions*)

$130 / $175**

Detailed Visit (5 conditions* or more)
$150 / $200**

*Number of medical conditions addressed by healthcare provider during a visit. Examples of condition: Cough, Sinus, Diabetes, BP, Rash, Headache, Back Pain, Allergies, etc.

**A surcharge of $15 may apply on evening & Weekend appointments.