• Primary Care Medical Treatment
  • Substance Use Disorder Treatment
  • Behavioral and Mental Health Treatments
  • Outpatient Withdrawal Management
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

Welcome To Lawrence Medical Center

Lawrence Medical Center Is An Innovative Primary Care Provider As Well As A Dually Licensed* Integrated Specialty Medical Practice That Conveniently Offers All Your Medical And Recovery Support Service Needs In One Location. We Are Dedicated To Providing High-Quality Patient-Centered And Strengths-Based Medical, Addictive Disorders, And Behavioral Health Treatment In A Kind And Compassionate Environment That Welcomes All Individuals With A Wide Range Of Varying Treatment Needs. We Pride Ourselves In Providing Exceptional Healthcare Services To The Communities Of Greater Lawrence, Peabody, Attleboro, Worcester And Surrounding Areas.


Our Team

Lawrence Medical Center Is Dedicated to Hiring Compassionate, Caring, And Empathetic Team Members Who Support The Mission, Vision, And Values Of The Organization And Who Are Committed To Fighting The Battle Against The Devastating Effects That Result From Drug Addiction. At LMC We Treat Every Individual With Dignity And Respect Placing Their Needs At The Forefront And Believe That Working As A Collaborative Team Maintains The Highest Level Of Confidentiality.

Our Team Members Are Trained In The Treatment Of Addictive Disorders And Have Additional Expertise In Treating Mental Health Disorders, Co-Occurring Disorders As Well As Compulsive Behaviors. We Utilize A Trauma-Informed And Strengths-Based Approach And Are Culturally And Linguistically Aware. More Importantly, We Are Here To Welcome And Encourage All Individuals They Need To Provide You With The Loving Kindness That You Deserve

Our Treatments / Services

Primary Care

At LMC, We Offer Comprehensive Primary Care Medical Treatment Including Evaluation And Assessment, Ongoing Care For Medical Problems, Comprehensive Care For Chronic Conditions, Referrals For Specialty Care, Immunizations, And Nutrition/Wellness Counseling.
    Primary Care
    Recovery Support Services

    Recovery Support Services

    Treatment Can Occur In A Variety Of Settings, Take Many Different Forms, And Last For Different Lengths Of Time. Because Drug Addiction Is Typically A Chronic Disorder Characterized By Occasional Relapses, Medications Alone, Or A Short-Term, One-Time Treatment Is Usually Not Sufficient. For Many, Treatment Is A Long-Term Process That Involves Multiple Interventions And Regular Monitoring.

    Individual Counseling _ Therapy

    Individual Counseling/Therapy

    A Therapeutic Process Through Which Patients Work One-On-One With A Trained Therapist In A Safe, Caring, And Confidential Environment To Explore Feelings, Beliefs, And Behaviors That Negatively Influence Their Lives. The Aim Is To Help Facilitate Change And Improve The Quality Of Life. Helps Patients To Create New Skill Sets To Handle Situations That Would Previously Lead To Relapse.

    Medication-Assisted Treatment

    Medication-Assisted Treatment:

    The Use Of Medications In Combination With Counseling And Behavioral Therapies For The Treatment Of Addictive Disorders Has Been Proven To Be The Most Effective In Helping Patients Achieve Recovery Success. Medications Prescribed By LMC Are As Follows:

    • Alcohol Use Disorders
    • Acamprosate (Brand Name: Campral)
    • Oral Naltrexone
    • Vivitrol (Injectable Sustained-Release Naltrexone)
    • Opioid Use Disorders
    • Oral Buprenorphine (Brand Name: Suboxone)
    • Sublocade (Long-Acting Injectable Buprenorphine)
    • Vivitrol (Injectable Sustained Released Naltrexone)
    Family _ Couples Therapy

    Family/Couples Therapy

    This Is A Form Of Psychotherapy That Works With Families And Couples In Intimate Relationships To Nurture Change, Growth, And Development. Working Through Family Pain Is A Therapeutic Process In Which A Patient’s Family Member, In Addition To The Patient, Works Collaboratively With A Trained Therapist To Address Underlying Stressors That Contribute To Dysfunctional Relationships Among Individuals With An SUD. Due To The Nature Of Addictive Use And Mental Illness, Family Members And/Or Partners Are Alienated From The Addictive User.

    Group Counseling_Therapy

    Group Counseling/Therapy

    A Therapeutic Process In Which Patients Meet In A Confidential Group Setting With Other Patients Experiencing Similar Stressors. Group Members Share Personal Information And Provide Feedback To Others While The Group Leader Facilitates Productive Communication. Topics May Include Exploring Relationships, Improving Self-Esteem, Developing/Enhancing Coping Skills, And Relapse Prevention Planning.

    Case Management

    Case Management

    This Is A Collaborative Process Between Patient And Clinician Of Assessment, Planning, Facilitation, Care Coordination, Evaluation, And Advocacy For Options And Services That Will Meet An Individual’s And/Or Family’s Comprehensive Addictive Use Or Mental Health Needs. If Additional Needs, Such As Housing, Financial Stability, Education, Job Placement, Medication-Assisted Treatment, Etc Are Identified, The Clinician Will Make A Referral With A Patient Or Family Member’s Signed Consent.

    Peer Recovery Support Specialists

    Peer Recovery Support Specialists

    Individuals Who Are In Recovery From Addictive Use Or Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders. Their Life Experiences And Recovery Allow Them To Provide Recovery Support In Such A Way That Others Can Benefit From Their Experiences.

    Aftercare Planning Program

    Aftercare Planning Program

    At The Time Of Admission, Your Team Will Assist You In Establishing A Plan That Is Implemented Once Your Primary Treatment Is Complete. Maintaining Ongoing Sobriety After Treatment Is A Matter Of Staying Focused And Motivated As Well As Receiving A High Level Of Support And Finding Enjoyment In A Life Without Drugs Or Alcohol.

    Psychiatric Medication Management

    Psychiatric Medication Management

    Patients Experiencing Symptoms From Common Mental Health Disorders May Be Referred For An Evaluation Of Their Psychiatric Medication Needs. Patients Will Have Completed Appropriate Outcomes Tools And Comprehensive Evaluation As Well As Be Screened For Diversion Potential.

    Collaborative Relationships

    Collaborative Relationships

    Lawrence Medical Center Collaborates With Other Agencies And Levels Of Care To Ensure That The Treatment Being Provided To The Patients Is Comprehensive. These Agencies Include: Department Of Children And Families, Probation, Department Of Corrections, Primary Care Practices, Detox, In-Patient Psychiatric Hospitalization, Medical Hospitalization, Medication Assisted Treatment (Buprenorphine, Methadone, Vivitrol), Community Support Services (Tapestry Health, Needle Exchange), Homeless Services (Healthcare, Shelters, Food Pantry), Housing.

    Primary Care

    When uncomfortable symptoms begin, call our office right away to speak to the provider on call or a staff member on duty.

    Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

    MAT is a holistic strategy for managing substance abuse problems, specifically an addiction to opioids.

    Outpatient Withdrawal Management

    Outpatient withdrawal management is when individuals receive substance withdrawal treatment while not residing in a facility, like at home or in a non-residential setting.

    Behavioral Health

    Behavioral health encompasses mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being, affecting how we think, feel, and act. It includes addressing mental health disorders, substance use, and promoting positive behaviors for overall health and quality of life.

    Mental Health

    Mental health is crucial for overall well-being, influencing thoughts, emotions, behaviors, stress management, decision-making, and relationships.

    Our Organization

    The Skilled Professionals At LMC Dedicate Their Time To Providing Exceptional Health Care Services To The People Of Lawrence And Peabody, Massachusetts.

    Medical Providers


    Charles D. Malis, M.D., Medical Director

    Dr. Charles David Malis is a Board-Certified physician in Internal Medicine and Certification American Board Internal Medicine in Nephrology. Dr. Malis has over 40 years of experience in practicing internal medicine.

    Dr. Arora

    Seema Arora, M.D., Internal Medicine

    Dr. Seema Arora is a Board-Certified physician in Internal Medicine, with certification in Medication Assisted Treatment for opiate addiction.

    Allan Raskin, MD

    Allan Raskin M.D., Addiction Medicine

    Dr. Allan Raskin is Board-Certified in Family Medicine. He had been an Emergency Physician for over 35 years. .


    Babatunde Thomas M.D., Family Medicine

    Dr. Babatunde O. Thomas is a family medicine doctor in Leominster, Massachusetts. He has been in practice for more than 20 years.

    Mai Milan, NP

    Mai Milan MSN, NP

    Mai Milan is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner at Lawrence Medical Center since 2022. Mai is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (AANP).

    Toni Parolisi, Psych NP

    Toni Parolisi Psych NP

    Toni Parolisi is board certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP).

    Behavioral /Mental Health Providers

    Jeana Johson, LMHC Clinical Director

    Jeana Johnson, LMHC- Director of Clinical and Behavioral Health


    Zoser Mohamed, CEO

    Zoser Mohamed Managing Director

    Zoser Mohamed, MSc, MBA, Managing Director/CEO of Lawrence Medical Center. Mr. Mohamed graduated with a master’s degree in chemistry and MBA.
    Kenyatta Cosby, MD, Compliance Officer

    Kenyatta Cosby Chief Medical Compliance Officer

    Dr. Cosby is a contributing Physician Scientist / Scientific Consultant based in Rockville, Maryland, U.S.A.

    Carol Mendes_Office Manager

    Carol Mendes, Office Manager

    Madeline Rosa, Clinic Supervisor

    Madeline Rosa, Clinic Supervisor


    Melba Mateo

    Melba Mateo, Medical Assistant

    Karla Torres, Medical Assistant

    Karla Torres, Medical Assistant

    Bianca Marquez, Medical Assistant

    Bianca Marquez, Medical Assistant

    Nicole Pepin, Medical Assistant

    Nicole Pepin, Medical Assistant


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