Frequently Asked Questions

Lawrence Medical Center

Lawrence Medical Care Center is an innovative primary care provider that has been offering convenient, cost effective health care services since 2015. The skilled professionals at LMC dedicate their time to providing exceptional health care services to the people of Lawrence and Peabody, Massachusetts. The team’s mission is to offer affordable, high-quality care to all members of the community, and to treat patients of all ages with compassion and respect regardless of socio-economic background, race, or creed.

General Questions

How Does Suboxone Work?
Opioids Attach To Receptors In The Brain, With Three Main Effects; Reduced Respiration, Euphoria, Decreased Pain. The More Opioids Ingested The More Of An Effect. The Process Of Opioids Binding To The Opioid Receptors Can Be Thought Of As A Mechanical Union, The Better The Fit The More The Opioid Effect. Buprenorphine Is Different. It Too Binds To The Receptors, However, Without A Perfect Fit. As A Result The Buprenorphine Tends To Occupy The Receptors Without All Of The Opioid Effects. The Receptor Is Tricked Into Thinking It Has Been Satisfied With Opioids Without Producing Strong Feelings Of Euphoria, And Without Causing Significant Respiratory Depression. This, In Turn, Prevents That Receptor From Joining With Full Opioids; Therefore If The Patient Uses Heroin Or Painkillers, They Are Unlikely To Experience Additional Effect.

-The National Alliance Of Advocates For Buprenorphine Treatment

Is There An Opiate In Suboxone?
There Are Two Medications Combined In Each Dose Of Suboxone. The Most Important Ingredient Is Buprenorphine, Which Is Classified As A ‘Partial Opioid Agonist,’ And The Second Is Naloxone Which Is An ‘Opioid Antagonist’ Or An Opioid Blocker.
What Is Buprenorphine Used To Treat?
Buprenorphine Is A Semisynthetic Opioid Derivative Of Thebaine. It Is A Mixed Partial Agonist Opioid Receptor Modulator That Is Used To Treat Opioid Addiction In Higher Dosages, To Control Moderate Acute Pain In Non-Opioid-Tolerant Individuals In Lower Dosages And To Control Moderate Chronic Pain In Even Smaller Doses.