Medication Assisted Treatment

MAT is a holistic strategy for managing substance abuse problems, specifically an addiction to opioids, by pairing treatment regimens or behavior modification with prescription medications. The medications most often used in MAT are Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Sublocade, each one offering a diverse but key component to encouraging someone at risk for addiction or maintaining his or her ongoing recovery.


Suboxone is composed of buprenorphine and naloxone, which can help manage withdrawal symptoms by minimizing the withdrawal or cravings for opioids. It can also offer some relief by binding to opioid receptors to provide relief without producing any sort of “high” or “euphoria” feeling. Vivitrol on the other hand is an injection containing naltrexone, this stops heroin or any opioid from creating any kind of “high” feelings. The vivitrol injection also significantly reduces cravings.


Sublocade, an injectable version of buprenorphine, works as a kind of extended-release delivery system. Therefore, it eliminates the need for daily doses of medication, reducing the potential for misuse.


Vivitrol commonly known as naltrexone is a once-a-month injectable medication prescribed to aid in the treatment of those struggling with alcohol and opioid dependence.

It works by blocking the pleasurable effects caused by drugs and alcohol in the brain which results in fewer cravings and a decrease in the likelihood of relapse